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The Most Expensive Logo in the World

Thinking about investing in a creative and appropriate logo for your brand or company? But ever wonder how much it would cost? Well, certain options can make your investment different, from small-scale to ten-digit amounts. 

Including the brands or rebrands investment, here is the collection of the most expensive logos in the world.

What is the Most Expensive Logo in the World?

In this revolutionary world, look no further than this blog for informative gain about expensive logos globally. 

From big tech such as the revolutionary Next and Symantec logo design to the iconic Pepsi globe, these logos are synonymous with success and fame. 

You can now discover the world’s most expensive logos and learn their crazy creation stories.

Symantec — $1,280,000,000 Billion

The very simple yet the most expensive logo worth billions which tag you see in the limelight. Indicating that the operation was successful, its key element is a checkmark. This logo is preferably chosen for a company that provides exceptional services for website security. 

Since every design and symbol has its separate definition. The yellow circle indicates the flow and strength of security. This amazing combination assures feelings in the forms of safety, trust, and security.

British Petroleum — $210,000,000 Million

Color plays a crucial role in the website or any graphic representation of your brand or company along with human psychology. By keeping this in mind, British Petroleum decided to play with the consumer’s psychology in marketing. 

It can be assumed from the name that the company has a larger contribution to environmental pollution. And through their logo design, they decided to convince their customers that they believe in greenery and integration to stay as green and environmentally friendly. 

Now if you have a closer look at a logo, it resembles a flower growing from the sun. Initially, the idea of ​​a marketing message was to convince customers of its environmental friendliness, but this was a big failure and became the object of the jokes.


  • Accenture — $100,000,000 Million

A huge amount was paid for the logo consisting of the name of the company with its values and the mathematical symbol at the top. 

Every logo and design has some idea behind it, the main idea of this logo was that the company is constantly looking forward to growth and development. 

However, this type of logo received criticism. But at this moment, the company is successfully operating in the market, and its brand is quite remarkable.


Posten Norge Rebrand — $55,000,000 Million

As they say, all creativity is simple. When the state-owned postal company later decided to rebrand. They had to start from scratch, from the logo creation to introducing it in the market. 

For the logo, they simply decided to write down the name of the company and supplemented it with a circle. To make sure that the marketing message is obvious – in this way, letters are delivered from the sender to the recipient. 

Well, this logo turned out to be simple, but clear and effective. Although the price is high.


Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) — $15,000,000 Million

When the merging of the two large banks was happening, this logo was created with the combination of the first letters of their name into one abbreviation. 

By not breaking the classic rule of marketing psychology, the logo designer decided to go with the white and blue colors to form an association of consistency, safety, and security.

These are the most hyped and expensive logos which are mentioned in this blog for your continence but there are several other brands and rebrands investments such as BBC, Citibank, Hertz, Pepsi, and much more of the insane number of companies which has paid for their logos to create the strongest marketing strategy and brand promotions.  

Here, through this blog, you can guess that investing a big amount in logos or rebranding cannot assure the success of the brand or company. For example, this happened at some point with a company that produces sweet drinks named Tropicana as well. And this is just the case when the high cost does not mean efficiency. 

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